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Vinyl Cottage

TR313 Patriotic Freedom Sub

TR313 Patriotic Freedom Sub

$2.00 USD

Use the drop down menu to choose design size.


--A heat press is iron WILL NOT work

--Sublimation transfers can only be pressed onto white or light colored fabrics

--Sublimation does not print white. Any white in the design will be the color of the item you are pressing on to.

--Your item must be at least 50% polyester for the sublimation to work. The end result will be a vintage style design. The higher the polyester in your item, the more vibrant your end result will be.

Sizing Guide:

All sizes are approximate and based dimensions listed Width (W) or Height (H)


11 oz Mug-3.5x9" (2 images for double sided mugs) 

15 oz Mug-4"x9.5" (2 images for double sided mugs) 

Flour Sack/Kitchen Towel/Newborn-4x4

Infant-5 " wide

Toddler-6" wide

Youth-8" wide

Adult-10.5" wide but no longer than 13" tall

Adult XL-12" wide but no longer than 14" tall

***All size suggestions are just a guide. Choose your size based on your needs and measurements.

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