Collection: Mystery Box

Our subscription box is created with tumbler makers in mind!


Recurring subscriptions receive a significant discount as well as bonus items. When signing up for the recurring subscription you agree to a minimum of TWO subscription boxes. Cancellations will NOT be processed until TWO subscriptions have been fulfilled. Subscriptions will be charged once per month.

We now offer 3 boxes to choose from:

The Vinyl Only Box:

Just that...eight sheets of new patterned vinyl

The Vinyl Plus Box:

Eight Sheets of new patterned vinyl PLUS 3 decals, 1 acrylic keychain blank, 1 acrylic badge reel blank and 1 acrylic straw topper converter blank.

The Maker Box:

Everything listed above plus 2 amazing glitters.

Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong!

While it is my dream that everyone loves each item in the box, I do realize I cannot put together a box that everyone is guaranteed to love. Our Boxes are meant to be a fun way to get new patterns before they are released. While I hope you love the items you receive, I do not offer refunds or returns for any reason.