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Water Malone Chunky Glitter

Water Malone Chunky Glitter

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  • Type: Color Shifting Glitter 

  • Color: Hues of Green and Pink 

  • Cut Size: Various Sized Hexagonal Cuts (Chunky Mix) 

  • Glitter Buddy: Morticia's Rose, The Magic Dragon.

  • Thickness:  

  • Material: Polyester Glitter 

  • Shaker Size: 100mL 

  • Amount Per Shaker: 60-64g* 

  • Grade: Premium Grade Glitter 

  • Toxicity: Non-Toxic 

  • UV Resistant: Yes 

  • Heat Resistant: Up To 160°C/320°F 

  • Solvent Resistant: Not Solvent to Acid or Alkali 

  • Clump Rating: Clump Free 

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