Easyweed Electric

Easyweed Electric

  • $4.45

Easyweed Electric colors are vibrant with a pearlescent metallic sheen. 

Application Instructions (heat press)
Heat press is recommended for best results.
• Cut in reverse
• Weed excess material
• Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
• Apply design at 305°F/150°C
• Use medium pressure for 15 seconds
• Peel carrier hot or cold

Application instructions (home iron)

• Set iron dial between Cotton and Linen
• Cover design with Kraft paper or non-stick cover sheet
• Place on flat, hard surface (ironing board not recommended)
• Press iron with medium/firm pressure (do not slide iron)
• Press each section of design for 10-15 seconds
• If areas of design lift after application, replace cover sheet
and re-press for 5-10 seconds
• Peel carrier hot or cold


Easyweed Electric sheets are 12x15" with a +/- .5" allowance.